What’s in my Bag? Preparing for the Cox Providence RI Marathon


Charity Miles Community Manager Lauren is running the Cox Providence RI Marathon on Sunday May 3rd. She shares what is in her bag. 

The week before a big race can be filled with emotions. I’m excited to put my training to the test, but I’m nervous of hitting the wall, and not achieving my goal. To make me feel more at ease I pack my bag days in advance. I have 10 items that I must bring to a marathon to be confident

1) My running shoes: I wear New Balance 890 v4, they are flexible and light, but provide enough cushioning for the 26.2. I like the v4 because the upper is super flexible like a sock.


2) My singlet: This race I will be running for the organization Every Mother Counts (one of the organizations on the app). EMC’s mission is to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. I am honored to be an ambassador for such an inspiring organization.

3) Oiselle Rogas: I discovered Oiselle running apparel a few years ago. I have never run a half or full without my trusty oiselle roga shorts. They are comfortable like a yoga pant with the functionality of a running short. Stylish and functional, not much more a girl can ask for.

4) A pacing tattoo: A pacing tattoo is a great tool to help you gauge if you are on track to get your goal time. I like the “Pace Tat” brand because of the alternating colors and red indicator at the half mark.

5) During Effort Nutrition: When i’m running a big race I need to keep up my electrolytes, sugar, and some caffeine doesn’t hurt. I use Gu brand gel every 40-45mins. My favorite flavors are the root beer, salted watermelon and chocolate.

6) A fanny pack: Yes, I am one of those runners with the fanny packs. My brand of choice is fitletic. It has a thick adjustable strap that holds it securely so it never bounces. The pack is the perfect size to hold my phone and all of my Gu’s.

7) Headphones: I wear the apple headphones when I run. I find that they fit my ears the best. Even though they do break more easily than a traditional sport headphone I’m used to the way they feel.

8) Feetures! socks: I have tried tons of different running socks and have always gone back to Feetures!. They fit tightly to my narrow foot, which is great for preventing blisters.

9) Grid Foam Roller: I use a foam roller by Trigger Point to warm up and cool down after every run, and a marathon is no exception.

10) My A Game: I bring my “A Game” to every race. Being a competitive person helps me tough thorough miles 18-23. I show up prepared and excited on race day!


Good Luck to Lauren on her goal to BQ this weekend! #everymilematters #charitymiles

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