Alex and Jamie Schneider, twins on the autism spectrum who run ease their symptoms, were rattled by their experience at the Boston Marathon.

The family began running on the beach when the boys were about 8; Special Olympics races followed when the boys were teenagers. The twins gained more experience with the Rolling Thunder Special Needs Program, a club for mainstream and challenged athletes.

Their parents also know the healing power of running: Robyn to cope with breast cancer treatment, and Allan to mitigate the effects of multiple sclerosis.

Before races, Alex lays out everyone’s sneakers and aligns their laces just so. While running, he does not high-five spectators or notice other competitors.

“Alex won’t stop running until I give him the ‘all done’ verbal cue,” McDermott said. “He’d keep running till he dropped. He’s a Zen runner. It’s the pure experience he loves.”

Read their story here and let’s wish them good luck in this weekend’s Long Island Marathon by doing some Charity Miles for Autism Speaks!

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