There are mornings when we feel like we can’t go without our $3 coffee – it’s only $3, after all.

But many people around the globe live off $1.50 a day, and often less. Can you?

This week the World Food Programme USA launched Live Below the Line, a campaign aimed at changing the way we think about poverty. Did you know that 66 million children across the developing world go to school hungry, with 23 million of them in Africa alone? And that a mere 25¢ can provide a meal? And most importantly, that you can help?

To get inspired, we’re asking you to take the challenge. For one day, skip that coffee and afternoon sandwich and instead live for $1.50. (For pointers, check out the stories of those who have been participating for an entire week!)

We also want to help WFP feed as many as possible by logging our Charity Miles for them today. Meals have the power to break the cycle of hunger, giving children the change to learn, grow and reach their full potential. And it’s as easy as walking a mile!

The top five miles will receive one of our signature T-shirts, and also a healthy swag bag of nutritious treats. And don’t forget, all of your miles through May 12 will also go to One Fund Boston, thanks to our awesome sponsor, Lifeway. Get moving already!

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