Calling David Weaver a rock star is no understatement. Since learning about Charity Miles, he’s hit the pavement nearly every day for Feeding America — doing six plus miles a workout, nonetheless.

As CEO of the South Plains Food Bank, it’s no surprise that Weaver is passionate about providing food to communities in need. What is surprising (and admirable) is his sheer dedication using our app, and telling people about it everywhere he goes.

“Charity Miles is an affective tool for talking to my running friends about Feeding America and the food banks,” says Weaver. “It’s a way to create a community within the food bank world, which is fun.”

The longtime runner also likes to use the app as a means of multitasking. “I thought: Well, I’m going to be running, so I might as well do it for something good.”

Good, indeed. Since launch, Weaver has logged over 1,000 miles, which means he’s provided over 2,000 meals to those in need. Even for someone who regularly serves 84,000 people through work alone, that number is quite impressive — and growing every day.

Weaver adds that using Charity Miles isn’t just about aiding the charities in the app. “It’s a way to honor other people,” he says, “and is a reminder of how fortunate we are, because there are people who can’t run.”

So this weekend, let’s make like Weaver and utilize the health we have to honor not only those we love, but also those in need. After all, every mile matters!

And like Weaver suggests, let’s use this opportunity to change our perspective.

“The cool thing about running is I get to see the city in a different way,” he says of his hometown, Lubbock, Texas.

Are you ready for a new view?

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