Charity Miles Champion: Julie Daigle


Julie shared with us how the Team RWB community and Charity Miles app motivates her to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

We’ve all jokingly heard “There’s an app for that” far too
many things to mention.  I gotta tell ya
that the Charity Miles app is one of my favorites.   Charity Miles is fantastic way to do raise
money for your favorite charity while doing something good for yourself.  I use the app as often as I get a chance,
whether I’m going out for a run, heading out on a hike or even just taking a
walk around the neighborhood.  It’s
amazing that something as simple as an app has motivated me to make sure I get
out for a walk or run every day.  

I log my Charity Miles for Team RWB (Red, White and
Blue).  Team RWB is comprised of
military, veteran and civilian members who connect with each other through
social and athletic events. As a civilian member of the team, I love the
opportunity to interact with those who serve (and have served) this great
country.  Through teamwork and comradery,
we push each other to accomplish things that might have seemed unreachable at
the start. No matter where you are, RWB
eagles always cheer each other on.

To date, my Charity Miles journey has been 1,208miles.  I’m amazed at how quickly the miles add up
and I love being able to support Team RWB, even when I can’t get out and join
my teammates at a community event.  Thanks
to generous sponsors, every mile does indeed matter.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Pick up your phone, download the app and
start logging those Charity Miles.  Want
to get healthier while supporting your favorite charity at the same time?  There’s an app for that… -Julie Daigle

Thank you Julie for the kind words. We look forward to hearing about your next 1,000 Charity Miles. #everymilematters

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