Cultivating a Community of Strong Women with Holly Perkins and Westin Wellness Escapes


Personal trainer to the stars Holly Perkins has teamed up
with Westin Wellness to launch the newest branch of Westin Wellness Escapes,
Women’s Strength Nation. The goal of Women’s Strength Nation is to increase the
ratio of women to men in the weight lifting section of the gym, while empowering
women to achieve their strength, fitness, and weight loss goals.

           During a
beautiful weekend in San Diego, Holly went in depth on the importance of
strength training in a women’s life. She often used the example “if the
president of the United States has time to workout so do you”. By using
strength training as a metaphor for life she explained how being strong can
affect a women’s body chemistry, and overall wellness. By the end of the
weekend each women had a personalized strength training and workout program.

           Every woman
also went home with a gift bag that included a Charity Miles reflective tank.
We were excited to be a part of a movement that encourages women to be strong. Please join the @WStrengthNation Charity Miles team on the app.

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