Every day we like to shine a spotlight on people doing amazing work- both with Charity Miles and without. Today we’re featuring Martin Renaud, an endurance athlete and Ironman, who has lost over 100 pounds! “I first entered the world of endurance athleticism in 2008 when I joined Team in Training to honor a friend’s mother and to get in shape,” Renaud explained. “What I thought would be a one-time event became an addiction and life-style change. In the time since that event, I’ve completed over 60 endurance events including four Ironman-distance events. I’m currently raising money for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and training for Ironman Cairns in June 2014 and Ironman Chattanooga in September 2014." 

What is your greatest accomplishment as of late?

Crossing the finish line of any event is an accomplishment but I’m very proud of my 140.6 finishes. 
How did you achieve it?

A lot of training, a lot of support from my son and wife, and a bit of a stubborn streak.

What motivates you to make the world a better place?

My son.

What do you do to stay healthy and fit?

Swim, bike, and run. The occasional hike to keep things interesting. I also cut out dairy and gluten last year. I’ve not been diagnosed with an intolerance to either but I’ve noticed I feel better without these ingredients. I’ve also lost over 100 pounds in the past year. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Embrace the Suck (Thanks, MACCA!) 

What’s your favorite aspect of using Charity Miles?

I love that charities I love and support can receive money by just doing what I’d be doing anyway. 

Who do you exercise for, and why?

Myself, because I can. My family, to inspire them. The cancer survivors I’ve met through Team in Training, because nothing I’m enduring can equal what they’ve experienced. And the silent sufferers of Crohn’s and Colitis, because I’m lucky to not have to experience the pain and discomfort they have on a daily basis. 

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