Every day we like to shine a spotlight on people doing amazing work- both with Charity Miles and without. Today we’re featuring Rena’ Campbell who recently lost 136 lbs, all thanks to running! Rena’ says “Running gave me my life back.”

What is your greatest accomplishment as of late?

It’s reading emails from friends telling me my posts and transformation photos have motivated them to get healthy, to be active! It’s a great feeling to know that I have inspired others to live a healthier lifestyle.

How did you achieve it?

I am motivated by other runners or walkers that wake up at 4am on a weekday to run or walk before working a long day like I do. Seeing dedicated people makes me strive to do more!

What do you do to stay healthy and fit?

I run/walk five days a week, I workout at Gym5 with my trainer Tommy three days a week, and I practice hot yoga twice a week. I’m a vegetarian, I have a gluten free diet and I drink plenty of water.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received is to always use your ability to run to help yourself stay active and to help other people. I’ve ran so many races to benefit charities because God gave me the ability to move my legs and in return I feel I should use that ability to help others.

What are your favorite aspects of using Charity Miles?

My friend Shannon told me about Charity miles last year. Each time I use the app I try to chose a different charity to put in miles for. It’s so awesome!

Who do you exercise for, and why?

I exercise for myself and for my family. Running makes me happy, fresh air, feeling your heartbeat while jogging down an open road… I live for that! I have two nieces and a nephew and my oldest niece told me last week “I am so proud of you Nay Nay! I want to start running with you.” That made me feel so good to hear her say that.

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