Every day we like to shine a spotlight on people doing amazing work- both with Charity Miles and without. Today we’re featuring Carolyn Brafman. She works a normal 9-5 job in advertising and teaches spin class 2 days a week (before work in a 6am hour range) on top of being an active member of Team In Training, raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society through running. With more than 10 half-marathons and 2 marathons, there’s nothing this girl can’t do!

What is your greatest accomplishment as of late?

Crossing the finish line! Whether it’s a race for fun, or my first half-marathon, to my two marathons, it is the most amazing sense of accomplishment. To put so much hard work, personal effort and devotion to get yourself to a goal, that you can literally see, is a great feeling. I finished the Philadelphia Marathon in 2012 with tears in my eyes!  

How did you achieve it?

Lucky for me, I became involved in TNT. It’s an organization that trains endurance athletes (run, biking and triathlons) while raising money for blood cancer and cancer research. I use the stories of survival and heartbreak as motivation to get you through some of the toughest workouts.  

What motivates you to make the world a better place?

If I can take something that I love (running) and use that for good, then why not?  I run for a reason, and that’s to find a cure for cancer, and I do it because I can. I may be not a scientist, but I can use my legs to provide funding for research to hopefully have a day when cancer is a curable disease.  

How do you stay healthy and fit?

Staying active is part of my lifestyle. I enjoy a variety of workouts: running, yoga, spinning, weights. I do a little bit of everything so I don’t get bored. I also eat a healthy, well-balanced diet (low-fat, whole grains), except for my sweet tooth, which means a little bit of dessert as needed.  

What is the best piece of advise you’ve ever received? 

Listen to your body. If your body tells you to slow down, take a break, ouch, go to sleep, sit down, etc… LISTEN! It normally isn’t wrong and knows what it’s talking about. 

What is your favorite aspect of using Charity Miles?

I love that I can take what I do (walking, running) and use that to earn money for charity! Plus there are so many charities listed you can help out a little each day. It’s taking something so simple and turning it into something positive. It is a win-win situation!

Who do you exercise for and why?

I exercise for me. When I work out, I consider it “me time” to unwind and de-stress. But I also exercise for a cause. I run for those who can’t. Being a member of Team In Training has inspired me to continue to do what I love for a great cause. If I can help just a little those who are fighting a disease then it’s a good reason to keep doing it!

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