Do you rely on your fitness tracker to monitor your health? Maybe you shouldn’t rely so much on it.

The question, of course, is whether it matters if the devices are inaccurate, especially if they underestimate daily energy expenditure, and perhaps fiendishly spur some at-home users to move more, thinking that they’ve expended less energy than they actually have.

The studies’ researchers think the inaccuracies do matter. “There’s a growing consensus” among exercise scientists, Dr. Meckes says, “that people should spend less time in sedentary activities, like sitting,” and instead stand up, stroll or sweep more. But if people get the idea from their activity monitors that such activities don’t really count, in terms of movement and calorie expenditure, “it may be harder to get that message across,” he says.

Whether or not it’s entirely accurate, knowing a close estimate is better than knowing nothing at all. Don’t have one? Get moving anyway!

(via How Accurate Are Fitness Trackers?)

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