I Did Not Finish

Dedicated to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings,
and anyone who was taken out of life’s race too soon.

I took a run today;
The day warmish,
time I cherish;
Birds circling,
a stream gurgling;
But I did not finish.

I took a run today;
Sun guiding my way,
a break in the day;
Trees whistling,
sweat glistening;
But I only went part way.

I took a run today;
No one saw,
no cries from the maw;
Just subdued shuffling,
squirrels rustling;
But I stopped short, emotions raw.

I took a run today;
Slightly less far,
my thoughts afar;
Another finish line lay scarred.

I took a run today;
Visions of a historic space,
an old race;
Two thunderous claps,
many collapsed;
There is death in that place.

I took a run today;
Fearful eyes entreat;
running shoes without feet;
A star spangled bag,
a red stained flag;
Blood flows on that street.

I took a run today;
My path of no cares,
not so for theirs;
My path silent,
theirs was violent;
The wounded laid bare.

I took a run today;
A boy with words unequaled,
“no more hurting people”;
Now deceased,
he rests in peace;
Too many hurting people.

I took a run today;
On time borrowed,
steeped in sorrow;
Through ears that listen,
and tears that glisten;
I feel those that will not run tomorrow.

I took a run today;
Alone in thought,
answers sought;
My tribute smallish,
but I did not finish;
In memory of those who could not.

— Eric Winger

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