If you are local to Boston, then you know that every year hundreds of runners hit the Boston Marathon course for their last long run in the weeks before Patriot’s Day. This is Gretchen Fishman and her teammates from the Wampanoag Road Runners, in front of the statue of the great Johnny Kelley in Newton, on their last long run before the marathon. Gretchen shared with us a little about her run. 

“This run is an awesome tradition, indeed, and on the busiest running day (the Saturday 3 weeks out from the race), you’ll find Newton police officers at the intersections stopping cars for the runners and they even block off lanes of traffic. Many local charities bus in their runners to participate and there are numerous water/fuel stops along the route manned by running companies, running groups, and charities…it’s hands down my favorite training run of the year!” 

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