It’s one thing to win a marathon. It’s another to win while pushing your daughter in a stroller. It’s another to do all the above while battling incurable brain cancer. How’d Iram Leon do it? Hard to say. But we can say (with confidence) that we’re impressed.

But Leon can still run. Two years after his brain-cancer diagnosis, he recently ran a sub-five-minute mile for the first time since high school. What has startled the medical community even more is what Leon did this month in Beaumont, Texas. He won the Gusher Marathon, finishing in 3:07:35. That was one second slower than his personal record in the 26.2-mile event, set days before he underwent brain surgery in early 2011.

But that lost second can’t be blamed on his disease: During the run, he was pushing his 6-year-old daughter, Kiana, in a stroller. “She had a blast listening to Disney songs and getting food from volunteers,” said Leon, an Austin resident.

Read the rest of his heartfelt story here, and do some miles for Stand Up To Cancer in his honor today.

(via The Terminal Cancer Patient Who Won A Marathon)

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