Every day we like to shine a spotlight on people doing amazing work — both with Charity Miles and without. Today we’re featuring Joe Sullivan, an Army Veteran and heart attack survivor that collects recyclables strewn along the streets, roads and trails as he runs, then redeems the collections and donates all the money to the AHA.

Here’s what he had to say:

What is your greatest accomplishment as of late?
Reaching this years goal of raising $1,000 well before my campaign ends on Veteran’s Day 2013.

How did you achieve it?
By running over 500 miles while cleaning my routes, redeeming the recyclables and donating the money.

What motivates you to make the world a better place?
Getting a second chance on life after surviving a heart attack, I felt I ought to help others get the same chance.

What do you do to stay healthy and fit?
I stay fit by running 40-50 miles a week while pushing my 10 month old twins in the double stroller.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
“Establish a foundation and work from there.” Coach Lou Korcoulis

What’s your favorite aspect of using Charity Miles?
My favorite aspect of Charity Miles is that it gives me that extra reason to go running.

Who do you exercise for, and why?
I exercise primarily for my kids, but I also push myself to fight against heart disease and raise money along the way.

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