Everyone I talk to about running says the same thing: Do squats. And then more squats. And then some more, while you’re at it. Agree that squats and strength training are important (take it from a runner who has/does everything wrong), but the answer may actually be in our feet:

“If we’re not using our feet appropriately, every time we strike the ground, we’re not supporting ourselves well,” he says. “So the muscles commonly associated with running—like the calves, quads, and glutes—can misfire. Some muscles will overwork, some won’t be used properly—and that’s the dysfunction we commonly talk about with running injuries.”

That ‘he’ would be celebrity run coach Eric Orton. And he knows his stuff. While slowly knocking out my “what not to do while running list,” I’ll add this to the “get your running ish together” list.

(via The super important training component most runners ignore)

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