Many people declare, “I could never run a marathon.” But this man, Fauja Singh, did —and he did so at 100 years old. Even more impressive? At age four Fauja couldn’t walk. His story shows that anyone can accomplish their dreams if they set their mind to it.

On the first day of training, Fauja arrived limber and energetic and dressed, as he believed was perfectly appropriate, in a dazzling three-piece suit. Harmander told him he needed a wardrobe change. After adamant protests, Fauja relented, ditched the suit and bought running gear. He showed up every day after that, building his routine around his training schedule. His mileage increased as the weeks passed. Race day arrived. After 6 hours and 54 minutes, 4:48 behind winner Antonio Pinto, Fauja crossed the finish line. At age 89, he was a marathoner. Soon, he would be a star.

Get motivated. Read his story.

(via The Runner – ESPN)

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