Neo is The One!

Neo was featured in a blog post a few month ago.  He is now only weeks away from the 999K run, where he be running from North Thailand down to his home on the east coast of Thailand.

Who is the run preparation going?

After running marathon,  I had a number of running-related injuries.  After having so many, I think I think I am in a better position to avoid more in the future. I have been on a learning curve. My advice to everyone is to stretch, stretch and stretch some more.

Did you aim too high?

I just started running a year and a half ago. If you look at my Charity Miles app, I have probably done more miles than many people will do in their lives. My body seems to have gotten adjusted in a short time.  Sometimes, my body might think I have aimed too high, but not my running heart.

Have you improved your running? 

The love for running is in my heart and not in my legs. I know when to slow down now, and I know how to not get injured.  For me, running 10K in a day is about normal or sometimes too short.   Only when I come up to 20K do I feel that I have actually been out running. When my 999K run starts, I might even run longer if the feeling is right and feels like I am not risking getting injured. I will take it slow in the first few days to feel the new road and new conditions After that, I will try running more than the 33.3K per day if possible. So I would say, yes my style of running is better and my mind is calmer. I know I have to refuel and slow down when the pain comes. 

How do you stay motivated?

When you run the same track over and over, mental boredom is more of a problem than any hurt your in my legs. So normally when I run, I play with the stray dogs in the park. I will stop a moment say hello to them, and sometimes they run along with me for a few hundred meters. This creates a break.  Then, I am off to a new lap until I meet a few other dogs. When I am out on the 999K run, I don’t think staying motivated will not be a problem. There will be new landscapes all the time, and I will get a lot of energy from the changing landscape.  I found the same energy when I ran a marathon with my best time ever.

Tell us something fun about your running?

I  have this weird obsession of running in the dark. I do not know why I like it but I do. The moon and the stars act as guiding lights, letting you see enough to keep you on track. Many times I keep running until 11PM, and it is only when my water runs that I go home. When you look up on the sky there all these lights looking back on me and I just feel amazing running under them. It gives me a different level of energy than running under the sun. For the record, my night vision is pretty amazing and my friends think I was an elf in my past life due to my eyes and my pointy ears.

Where can we follow your run?

Charity Miles have kindly allowed me to post this pre-run blog post . Also, I will write during my run, and show some amazing running pictures from unseen Thailand. So subscribe to the Charity Miles if you have not done so already. 

You can follow my run on Facebook and the actual blog for the run, and Twitter (hashtag #999km).

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