On The Humanitarian Crisis In Syria

Charity Miles All Star, Bill Lambers has an excellent Letter To The Editor in Today’s New York Times concerning the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Please do some extra Charity Miles for The World Food Programme this week. Here’s Bill’s letter…

To the Editor:

Re “In Syria, America Loses if Either Side Wins,” by Edward N. Luttwak (Sunday Review, Aug. 25):

A prolonged draw in Syria means a humanitarian disaster. The United Nations World Food Program is trying to feed at least four million war victims inside Syria. Another two million have fled the country and also need aid.

Agriculture has been destroyed. Food supply systems are ruined. Malnutrition has escalated. The World Food Program and Unicef need to bring in special foods to keep children from suffering lasting physical and mental damage, or worse.

The World Food Program needs about $30 million a week to sustain this relief. The United Nations food agency depends on voluntary financing from the United States and other countries. There are also other hunger emergencies taking place in Yemen, Haiti, South Sudan, Mali and other countries where United Nations food resources are needed.

Food has clearly taken its place at the top of the foreign policy plate.

A prolonged conflict will spiral the Middle East toward famine. The war has to be brought to an end. The debate must be on how we can help achieve this.

Cincinnati, Aug. 25, 2013

The writer interviewed members of the United Nations World Food Program for his book “Ending World Hunger.”

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