Places You Never Thought of Using Charity Miles


Times you may have never considered using Charity Miles

 1)  Grocery Store

An average shopper walks any where
from 3-5 miles in between aisles. What a great time to be earning money for your
favorite organization.

 2)  Amusement Parks

Going to Orlando or your local carnival.
You spend all day on your feet, you can be racking up the miles.



3)  At a Dance Club or Bar

You can start charity miles indoor feature
on a night out. You can earn money by dancing and traveling back and forth from
the bar.

 4)  Cleaning Your House

Spend an hour cleaning is spending an hour
walking. In the end you will have a clean house and helped change the world.

 5)  At Work

Do you work outside or spend a lot of time
on your feet? You could be using Charity Miles through out the day.

 We want to hear about the places where you
hit the pavement to change the world.

 -Charity Miles Staff 

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