Road to Boston; Nicole Watts

In our Road to Boston series, Charity Miles App Champion, Nicole
Watts, shares her experience training and running in the 2013 Boston Marathon,
and how she will feel racing again this year. The photos are of Nicole and her sister.


 I ran Boston for the first time two years ago.  I had just
finished my very first marathon that previous September, running alongside my
twin sister for my long training runs and the marathons. Surprisingly I
qualified for Boston!  At that time I was running to finish. Trying to
stay healthy and happy.  Forcing myself, and my family to realize I needed
to carve out time from a busy week for me. So I ran.

After finishing my first marathon, I said I’m never doing that
again.  One week later, I was registered for Boston. Going to Boston
had a lot of special meaning for me. I did train and run with my sister. But I
also had the support and encouragement from a neighbor and dear friend who had
previously lost a child in a tragic accident. She is an avid runner. Running
helped to pull her through. We traveled to Boston with her family. 

The day of the Boston Marathon was her son, who had passed,
birthday. We had a remarkable weekend in the beautiful city of Boston. Luckily
my sister and I crossed the finish line holding hands 40 minutes before the
bombs went off. Even talking about it now is difficult in that I have such
mixed emotions about the Boston Marathon that year. I enjoyed the journey, I
even enjoyed some of the run. I was frustrated that evil could take away the
feeling of victory and add fear to so many. At first I was numb to it all,
having already had such an emotional journey with my dear friend. Now a few
years later I’m ready to go back. The trial will hopefully be over by then.

Running is a passion with
so much camaraderie in the sport. The stories are uplifting, each step is
amazing, it is a journey and the destination is Boston. 

As my training winds down and excitement builds -as do the
nerves, I look forward to another adventure with my sister and my friends. I
look forward to conquering the hills and crossing the finish line.



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