Road to Boston #TBT; Ed Evans


Happy Thursday! As a part of our  Road to Boston series we would like to spotlight Ed Evans. Ed is the COO of Fit4MOM, a company who’s mission is to help moms make strides in fitness, motherhood, and life. Ed ran his first marathon, The Boston Marathon in April of 1989. In the late 80′s it was common to run without having an official bib, these runners we’re known as “the back of the pack”. Ed ran in the back of the pack and finished his first 26.2. He recalls his experience in this,Throw Back Thursday edition of Road to Boston…

This was my first endurance event back in 1989. I was living/working in Boston after completing grad school. My work week was literally 70-100 hours especially on a critical project. But I was not going to let that get in the way of training. Many nights I would get home around 11p and run for a couple of hours before sleeping – then get up at 7a and do it all over again.   

I will never forget those quiet nights running the streets of Lexington and Arlington. Past the houses, under the trees, sometimes in the rain. I remember one night in particular when I didn’t get home until 1am, and ran until 3am. To this day, it was one of the best runs of my life– full of commitment, passion, anticipation, and the unknown. Running this marathon seemed like an impossible goal. 

I have nearly a complete visual and emotional recall of the race: driving to the starting line in Hopkinson with my dad (now gone); the starting line nerves; the halfway point at Wellsley where the guy in front of me stopped, and planted a huge kiss on one of the girl students that was cheering; the never-ending line of spectators; my legs getting tight on heartbreak hill; pushing through the wall at mile 22; passing so many friends along the way…

Then the sounds as we approached the finish line. The crowd, cheers, and noise bounced off the buildings as we made the final turns.  

Well,  I’m still emotional about it now 26 years later. It was a special time.  Boston, Mom & Dad, pushing beyond your limits, not letting anything stand in your way, reaching a personal goal.    

Since then, I’ve completed several Ironman events, several marathons, and more. I still run today and just ran a 200 mile relay with our FIT4MOM SoCal Ragnar team. Start time was 5am, in the dark. Some things never change. I hope they never will.

Thank you Ed for sharing your experience. Below are a few pictures of the SoCal Ragnar this past weekend with the FIT4MOM team. Congrats on an amazing finish!  


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