First and foremost, congratulations! You guys crushed the #VDay10k challenge. And we couldn’t be more impressed. I know we say it often, but your dedication to Charity Miles blows us away — way to dominate.

And there’s more exciting news: This week, we’re thrilled to announce that Nothing But Nets has joined the Charity Miles family. It’s time to log more miles, and save more lives. Are you with us?

Though the threat of malaria has lessened in many areas, the number of infections in Africa has increased over the past three years, and we want to change that. By providing something as simple as a bed net, we can.

Did you know that with proper use, insecticide nets can prevent malaria transmission by up to 90 percent? With our combined efforts, we can save an entire village in a just a few weeks.

So let’s put our best feet forward and show Nothing But Nets just how powerful we are.

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