Our Humana Health Stars for the month of August are Cheryl and Tom C.  They  have both won the Georgia Senior Olympics! Cheryl has also won and set the new state record for Florida Senior Olympics and is the new National Champion! If that isn’t enough they have biked over 7,000 Charity Miles! This amazing duo are a true inspiration to people of all ages. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name: Cheryl and Tom

Age: 66/67

State: FL

What’s your favorite way to stay active? Cycling & TRX Suspension Training & Rip Training

What charities do you like to support with Charity Miles? Alzheimer’s Association in Memory of Cheryl’s Father & other family members & friends

Where is your favorite place to walk, run or bike? Clermont, Florida – Believe it or not–lots of hills! 

Where is one place you’d most like to walk, run or bike? Italy

What do you do to help your family/community get active? After retirement in November, 2014, we opened a TRX Small Group Training Facility in Gotha, Florida, to promote functional movement, flexibility, core strength and overall fitness for all ages and fitness levels.  We love to inspire all ages–but especially want everyone over the age of 50 to believe they can change their lives through proper diet and exercise–we are a testament to that!  We have both lost weight, toned up and have many goals ahead of us!  We participate and promote the Senior Games for everyone over the age of 50.  All types of sports available–get off the couch and get moving!

Do you have any tips for others on how to take steps towards improving their well-being? Get a friend involved!  It is more fun and you can help each other to stay motivated–just be sure to pick a positive and upbeat workout partner!

Do you like to run alone of with friends? We are fortunate that we both love to do the same thing–cycling–so we usually ride and train together. When training for time trial races, we are able to push and motivate each other.

What is your favorite workout song? Cheryl loves a combination of Usher, Pittbull, JLo, Shakira. Tom is strictly an AC/DC, Led Zepplin kind of guy!

Are you training for anything? We just finished training and participating in the 2015 National Senior Olympics in Minneapolis and now we begin competing again at local and state qualifiers to stay in shape for the next national race in 2017!

What are your health and fitness goals? To continue to earn the name “Zoomer” – Boomers with Zip!  We have never felt better in our lives and will continue on the same path of a clean diet, exercise six days per week and respect the recovery our bodies require.

Do you have any favorite healthy recipes you can share? As vegans, Cheryl is the researcher and Tom is the chef! Our favorite vegan receipe is “Quinoa Vegetable Paella” as found on the FatFree Vegan Kitchen website.

What’s one thing Humana can do to help you live a healthier lifestyle? We are thrilled that Humana has set the bar high for getting people active and healthy and putting their sponsorship toward a healthier America!  We applaud you, Humana, for sponsoring us when we bike for Charity Miles and, with your help, we will continue to utilize your good work to help inspire a healthier lifestyle for all!

What’s the best health advice you have ever received? Derek Snowden, Cheryl’s son and Master Instructor with TRX Training, introduced us to the TRX Training program in 2011 and told us it would change our lives. We became stronger, more functional and flexible.  That was the beginning of an entirely new lifestyle for us and we were glad we took his advice!

Humana believes that everyone has a unique health and well-being story. What is yours? 2011 was our “year of awakening!”  We both had medical issues that kept getting in our way of exercising to the degree as when we were younger.  Cheryl survived Triple Negative Breast Cancer with several surgeries and chemotherapy, as well as a total knee replacement. Tom faced orthopedic issues with bilateral knee replacements and lumbar fusion surgery. Our weight  became harder and harder to manage and we finally made a decision to change our lives, once and for all!  We began the TRX Suspension Training Program and as we gained more strength, functionality and flexibility, we were able to add other forms of non-weight bearing exercises, i.e., elliptical, spinning and finally, long bike rides on hybrid mountain bikes. We incorporated a vegan diet, dropped weight and bought our first road bikes–Cheryl’s first at the age of 63!  We were introduced to the Time Trial Races of the Senior Games & we never looked back!  We both won the Georgia Senior Olympics and Cheryl has also won and set the new state record for Florida Senior Olympics. We qualified for and just participated in the 2015 National Senior Games in Minneapolis and Cheryl is the new National Champion winning the Gold medal in her age group!  We are so proud to say that we have each biked over 7,000 Charity Miles and it definitely paid off–not just in winning medals–but the real win here is being healthier and in the best shape of our lives!  #noexcuses #nevertoolate #everymilematters.

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