I remember the day I was told I need glasses. I was 16. There’s no way I need reading glasses, I thought. Boy was I wrong.

Glasses changed my life. Whereas reading once gave me migraines, I could now spend days soaking up knowledge and escaping to new worlds. Not to mention, I could successfully complete my homework.

Astonishingly, 703 million people around the world are not as fortunate as I am, and are unable to tap their potential because they have uncorrected vision. This affects their ability to become educated, get a job, and simply see the world as they should. The result is a tragic $202 billion loss to the global economy.

Which is why we are thrilled to welcome VisionSpring to the Charity Miles family. For only $1.50, they are able to purchase a pair of glasses to deliver the developing world. And they do so through a network of vision entrepreneurs that also provide valuable jobs to people in their own communities.

You often ask how we choose charities to partner with. We consider several criteria, but the most important is impact. And by walking, running, and biking for VisionSpring, you can have a huge impact. A short morning run is enough to provide someone with the glasses they need to change their life, and the community around them. Pretty amazing!

So let’s hit the streets for VisionSpring today.


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