Don’t want a car but can’t get by with just a bike? Meet Yuba Bicycles, a company that sells bikes with motors.

The company markets the bike for “carrying large objects or passengers greater distances than possible on a regular bike.”

Said founder Sarrazin, “The BionX is really helpful when in traffic or setting out from a red light because it gets you up to cruising speed quickly.” He added: “If you live atop a hill it allows you to pedal up with a full load while barely breaking a sweat.”

The steel-frame bike has an extra long wheel base and 21 speeds. The integrated rear rack lets you load on gear, groceries, or children needing a lift.

Sounds pretty awesome! But does it count for Charity Miles? Hmmm.

(via This Electric ‘Cargo Bike’ from Yuba Can Replace Your Car)

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